Navy Jacksonville Yacht Club

P.O. Box 29, Naval Air Station

Jacksonville, FL  32212-0029




 Saturday, APRIL 13, 2002



1.          The regatta will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US SAILING, the rules of PHRF (except as any of the foregoing are altered by the Sailing Instructions), by the Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race.


2.1        At least 50% of those on board each boat must be female and the boat must be helmed by a female from the preparatory signal of her class until she finishes.  No male shall touch the helm while racing.  

2.2        All boats in the Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker classes must have a valid First Coast Sailing Association PHRF rating.  Boats sailing in the Cruiser class are encouraged to have a valid PHRF rating, but may obtain an uncontestable temporary WSS rating for the Women’s Sailing Series.  

2.3        All boats shall have their sail numbers on the mainsail, spinnakers, and each headsail having a LP measurement exceeding 130% of the base of the foretriangle.  A boat’s sail number is the number allotted to her by US Sailing, by her class, or her hull number. 

2.4        Eligible boats may be entered by completing registration with Navy Jacksonville Yacht Club, the organizing authority.


3.1        Participants are encouraged to register in advance by completing the registration form and sending it with the appropriate fee to:

                 NJYC R/C Sail Darryl Currie,  1393 Belvedere Avenue,  Jacksonville, FL 32205 

3.2        Participants can also e-mail registration to:

3.3        Due to unique NAS Security requirements, you must have Photo ID; i.e. drivers license, car registration in your name, and proof of insurance.  Participants must be on the List of Participants and will need to be signed in at the Main Gate by a representative of NJYC.  An NJYC representative will be at the gate at 0930 and 1015  to sign in participants.  This is the price we must pay for security!  Participants arriving by water will have an easier time of getting on base.  Contact race organizer for further details.


4.          The entry fee is $20.  A differential entry fee for US Sailing members, with proof of current membership, is $15.  Checks should be made payable to Navy Jacksonville Yacht Club.


5.1        The fleet will be divided into PHRF Spinnaker, PHRF Non-Spinnaker, and CRUISER classes.  These classes may be further divided if entries permit.

5.2        All boats sailing with a co-ed crew will sail in the CRUISER class. 

5.3        Spinnakers are allowed in the PHRF-Spinnaker class only.


6.1        Saturday, April 13, 2002:

                   REGISTRATION                        0930 - 1100

                                    COMPETITORS MEETING          1100

                                    WARNING                                 1200 – For first class

                                    POST RACE                                Cookout & Awards


7.          Sailing instructions will be available at Registration.


8.          Courses will be signaled from the race committee signal boat.


9.1        PHRF time allowances applied to the distance assigned to the race will be used to score the race.

9.2        Results of this race will be forwarded to the Northeast Florida Women’s Sailing Network for inclusion in the computation for scoring the Women’s Sailing Series.


10.        First, second and third place prizes will be awarded in classes of  seven or more entered boats.

            First and second place prizes will be awarded in classes of five or six entered boats.

            First place prize will be awarded in classes of four or less boats entered.  


11.1        Available on the outside of the F Pier.       

11.2       Due to heightened security measures, if you or your crew or guests are planning to arrive by car, you must contact Darryl Currie so that your names may be added to a “List of Participants.  Enter through the Main Gate and indicate your destination to be the regatta at the Yacht Club. Be prepared to show a photo ID, registration, drivers license, and proof of insurance.


12.        Contact Rear Commodore-Sail, Darryl Currie at 388-7254 (h) or NJYC at 778-0805 ext.3 or e-mail at


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Navy Jax Yacht Club

PO Box 29         NAS

Jacksonville, FL 32212


THE WAVE REGATTA  ~~_/)~~_/)~

WSS #1     April 13, 2002