Twelfth Annual


December 8, 2001


The Florida Yacht Club


 FCSA, the organizing authority and North Florida Cruising Club, host of the twelfth annual INTERCLUB REGATTA, cordially invite the members ofFCSAaffiliated clubs to attend and participate in the regatta.You are encouraged to assemble a fleet ofboats from your club, fly your burgee, line the race course, and root for your team. After the regatta you are invited to attend the dinner and awards presentation.

1. RULES The regatta will be governed by the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the prescriptions of US SAILING, except as these are amended by this Notice of Race, and by the Sailing Instructions.

2. BOATS Each club's fleet will consist of one J-24 and two JY-15ís.All boats will be insured by their owner. Liability for any damages will be resolved from the results of a Protest Committee hearing. Clubs will be liable for deductible, $500.

3. COMMITTEES Each club shall appoint 3 members to serve on the Race Committee and a member to serve on the Protest Committee.NFCC will provide a Principal Race Officer for each course.

4. ELIGIBILITY Each club may enter one team. A team is comprised of:

        J-24 Crew: min three, max five, one must be a club member, the others may be club members or spouse ofclub members.

        JY-15 Crews: two for each boat, one of each crew must be club member, the other may be a club member,spouse of a club member or dependent of a club member.

Except for emergencies all boats will race with the same crew for all races.

Boats will be crewed by members of the club for which they are racing.

(a)Crew must be members of their club in good standing as of October 1, 2001.

(b)Member(s) is defined to include dues-paying members and spouse.

 5. ENTRY Clubs may register by completing the enclosed Regatta Entry Form.


††††††††††† Saturday December 8, 2001

 Check In†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Competitors Meeting††


Warning Signal race 1 all fleets†††††††††††

††††††††††† 1055

Start J-24 and first JY-15 class†††††††††††


Start second JY-15 class††††††††


 Race 2, 3, 4, 5


Awards and dinner†††††

After completion of all races.

7. FEES Entry fee $150. Fee includes dinner and trophies.

Make checks payable to: First Coast Sailing Association.

Send to: Pat LambertFCSA Treasurer

††††††††††††† 3434 Lake Shore Blvd.

††††††††††††† Jacksonville, FL 32210

8. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS Sailing instructions will be available Saturday, December 8, 2001, before the Competitors Meeting.

9. COURSES The course will be described in the sailing instructions.

10. RACING J-24 and JY-15 fleets will not be rotated.All classes will have five races. Team Racing Rules, Appendix D, will not apply.

11. SCORING Five races for each class, of which one race for each class will constitute a regatta.

Boats will be scored points, in class, according to A2.2 of the low Point Scoring System.

Each club's series score will be the total of all its race scores in all classes.

When there is a tie in series points, the tie will be broken in favor of the club with the most first places, or, if the tie remains, the most second places, or lower places if necessary.

When a tie still remains, it shall stand and equal prizes shall be awarded according to the rules of the InterClub Regatta.

12. PENALTIES The 720 Turns Penalty, Rule 44.1, will apply for breaking a rule of Part 2.

13. PRIZES The FCSA Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the first place club, to be displayed at their club for the year.

14. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Contact your club's FCSA delegate.